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Thursday, March 23

Israeli Occupation to Conduct Maneuver of Massive Storming of Al-Aqsa

Israeli Occupation to Conduct Israeli Maneuver of Massive Storming of Al-Aqsa
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The Israeli Broadcasting Authority revealed today, Thursday, February 9, that the Israeli occupation government is preparing to conduct an Israeli maneuver that simulates a massive storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, at a time when the Hamas delegation began holding meetings in Cairo with the Egyptian intelligence service about the truce file.

The commission said that preparations are being made in the Israeli police force to implement training that simulates a storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, under the title “Preparation For A Possible Unrest Scenario” in the Al-Aqsa courtyards during the upcoming month of Ramadan.

There is talk that this matter will be accompanied by the recruitment of four reserve units of the Israeli “Border Guard” forces to reinforce their military presence and storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, in light of the occupation’s fear of a serious explosion of field conditions during Ramadan.

It also includes a Jewish holiday in which Israeli settlers make major incursions into Al-Aqsa, at a time when there is an overcrowding of Palestinian worshipers. It is a step that would inflame the feelings of anger among the Palestinians and often push the situation to explode.

The disclosure of the plan to deploy many soldiers from the Israeli “Border Guard” units came after the occupation army command took a decision to reinforce its forces in the areas of the West Bank, with three combat incidents, for fear of escalation.

It is possible that the attacks against Al-Aqsa Mosque in Ramadan will be a powerful detonation factor for the tense field conditions in all Palestinian areas, due to the Israeli attacks.

Palestinian factions reject the Israeli plans while Egypt Continues to calm the situation dawn

In the recent period, the resistance in Gaza hinted to intervene in support of the West Bank and Jerusalem, after it assured the mediators of the truce, its rejection of the occupation government’s plans to separate the Palestinian cities.

Confirming this, it sent direct messages, by firing missiles at Israeli settlements near the Gaza border, after the Israeli occupation forces committed massacres in the West Bank.

This comes at a time when Egypt continues its efforts to calm down, and not to drift things into a dangerous military escalation, especially with the approaching of Ramadan.

Egypt wants to establish a comprehensive truce in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, as well as in Israeli prisons, according to a plan it prepared to achieve this goal.

It held meetings with Israeli security officials in Tel Aviv, followed by Israeli occupation’s announcement to stop punitive measures against the Palestinian detainees, a file that would have exploded the situation in all regions, especially Gaza. The Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza had warned that they would not leave the Palestinian detainees alone under Israeli violations and attacks.

Officially, the Hamas delegation, headed by Ismail Haniyeh, began its meetings in Cairo with senior officials of the Eqyption General Intelligence Service regarding the truce file.

Hamas stated that the delegation will hold talks with the Egyptian leadership about several developments related to the Palestinian cause.

It stated that the delegation will discuss with the Egyptian leadership “the dangerous measures the Israeli occupation takes in the city of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, the escalation of terrorism against our people (Palestinians), assassinations against citizens, the siege imposed on Gaza, ways to deal with these developments and what the current extremist government in Tel Aviv is planning to.”