Days of Palestine

Israeli Occupation Insists on Holding Flag March

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Days of Palestine – Jerusalem

Israeli occupation premier Naftali Bennett said on Friday that the Israeli government is determined to hold the flag march as scheduled on the 29th of May.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Bennett phoned his security services and urged them to intensify their presence in preparation for the march.

“The march would indeed go ahead as planned,” Bennett confirmed during the phone call, adding that the march will end at the Al-Buraq Wall without passing through the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Minister of Israeli occupation Internal Security, the General Commissioner of Israel Police, and other Israeli officials participated in the phone call, according to the Office.

Jewish settlers plan to hold the flag march next Sunday to celebrate the occupation of the eastern part of Jerusalem in 1967.

For Palestinians, the march is a blatant provocation and a violation of one of the holiest places in the city, increasingly hemmed in by Jewish settlement.