Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Israeli Occupation Forces Wounds Palestinian Citizen, Prevent Ambulance to help Him

M.Y | DOP -

‏Palestinian sources stated Wednesday noon 5 October 2022 that the Israeli Occupation Forces chased the Palestinian citizen Slieman Emran in Dier Hatab town in occupied city of Nablus.

locals said that Slieman clashed with Israeli occupation forces who wounded him, and prevented the ambulance to reach the place or provide him first aid and only allowed Israeli ambulances to reach the place.

They said that Israeli occupation forces seem intend to execute him.

While Israeli military forces are surrounding his house and intentionally opening gunfire at him, Slieman managed to record himself sending a distress call to every Palestinian who can help as he felt he might be killed at any time.

During these clashes, two Palestinian journalists Mahmoud Fawzy and Loay Samhan were injured while covering the escalating clashes despite wearing press vests.

IOF also killed the defenseless young Palestinian Alaa Zaghal, 21 in Deir Al-Hatab in occupied Nablus.