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Thursday, June 1

Israeli Occupation Forces Shoot, Injure 13 Palestinian Citizens in Jenin 

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Israeli occupation forces injured on Friday, October 7, 2022, 13 Palestinian citizens with rubber-coated metal bullets, and suffocated dozens, today, Friday, during their attack on a peaceful anti-settlement march in the village of “Kafr Qaddoum”, east of Qalqilya in the northern West Bank.


Local sources said that confrontations erupted after the occupation forces suppressed the weekly “Kafr Qaddoum” march, which resulted in the injury of 13 Palestinians with metal bullets, and dozens of suffocation with tear gas, as they were treated on the field by the Palestinian Red Crescent staff.


The march included the wedding of the Palestinian journalist, Mohammad Hamdan, from the town of Anin in Jenin, as an expression of the Palestinian people’s right to rejoice, and in support of the Palestinian journalists targeted by the Israeli occupation during their coverage of violations against Palestinians.


Every Friday and Saturday, since the beginning of July 2011, Palestinian marches have been launched in Kafr Qaddoum to demand the opening of the village street, which was closed by the occupation forces during the “second Al-Aqsa Intifada” in 2003, and to reject Israeli settlements projects.