Days of Palestine

Israeli Occupation Forces Launch Arrests and Raids Campaigns in West Bank

M.S | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces launched on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, a campaign of arrests and large-scale raids against Palestinian citizens in separate areas of the West Bank.

The occupation forces subjected dozens of Palestinian citizens to field investigations during the military incursion of Palestinian homes in villages, camps, towns, and neighborhoods in the West Bank.

In Nablus, the occupation forces detained the ex-detainee Muadh Shtayyeh from the village of Tal, the young man Islam Bashkar from the Masakin Al-Shaabi neighborhood, the young man Muhammad Dahbour from Burin, and the young man Hamza Qutb.

The forces also raided several areas in Nablus and closed their entrances, preventing Palestinian citizens from entering or leaving them and imposing strict military measures for the third day in a row.

It’s noteworthy that the cities of the West Bank are constantly witnessing raids and arrests by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian citizens.