Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Israeli Occupation Forces kill 7 Palestinians, Seize Bodies in Jericho Camp of Aqabat Jaber

Israeli occupation forces IOF kidnapped 9 Palestinians after raiding different parts of the occupied West Bank
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Israeli Occupation Forces IOF claimed that Israeli troops Killed 5 Palestinian citizens in Jericho Camp of  Aqabat Jaber early on Monday morning, 6 February 2023, and they seize the bodies of the victims.

The Israeli military raids left many other Palestinians injured in the camp.

The Palestinian ministry of health stated that a number of Palestinian people were injured in the fierce military raid against the occupied Palestinian camp in Monday’s early hours, noting it still checking the toll of victims.

IOF stormed the Palestinian camp of Aqabat Jaber with heavy military troops after nine- a day-long military siege on the city of Jericho in the occupied West Bank which left more than 13 Palestinian people injured and 15 others detained.

Palestinian people declared a general strike over the new Israeli massacre against Palestinians in Jericho.

Palestinian National parties noted that the new Israeli massacre will never stop the Palestinian resistance, and the Palestinian people will continue their struggle against the Israeli occupation till getting liberation.

it’s noteworthy that Israeli crimes escalated recently after the rise of Far-Right Israeli ministers such as Ben-Gvir, who have racist agendas to be fulfilled against the Palestinian people including settlement, killing, and homes demolition