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Friday, March 31

EU Allocates €296 Million in Aid to Palestinians

EU Allocates €296 Million in Aid to Palestinians
M.Y | DOP -

At a gathering with President Mahmoud Abbas in attendance, the European Union (EU) formally revealed the financial aid plan for 2022 that will be going to the Palestinians.

This package of199.2 million will provide funding for social stipends, medical transports, wages, and pensions for the Palestinian Authority, and will also be used to finance EUfunded projects in Jerusalem, as well as in the occupied Palestinian territory.

This brings the total financial aid already given to UNRWA to97 million, including an additional15 million from the Food and Resilience Facility which was allocated to counteract the repercussions of Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine on food prices and food security.

The total EU aid given to Palestinians from the 2022 budget has reached296 million.

In his remarks during the signing ceremony, the EU Representative, Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff said: “Despite the numerous economic, social, and political challenges Palestinians face in their quest for self-determination and well-being in the occupied Palestinian territory, the EU remains committed to the two-state solution. Our projects and interventions cover almost all aspects of Palestinian life. An effective Palestinian Authority guided by the principles of democratic governance and rule of law is a key element for stability, peace and security. In this context, we will continue to call for the respect of existing agreements between Palestinians and Israelis. We will also continue to work with the Palestinian government towards structural, economic and fiscal reforms that will improve the performance and efficiency of its public services.”