Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish 4 Palestinian Homes in Al-Naqab

M.S | DOP -

The Israeli occupation forces demolished, this morning, Wednesday, March 8, four houses belonging to the Palestinian Al-Sa’ida family in the village of Sa’wa, in the Al-Naqab, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Palestinian eyewitnesses said that the Israeli occupation vehicles and bulldozers arrived at the place under the occupation forces’ high protection, closed the area from all sides, and prevented the Palestinians from approaching the place. Soon after, they demolished the houses.

Later, Israeli occupation forces demolished houses in the villages of Bir Hadaj and the villages of Al-Bat-Arab Al-Sarayeh and uprooted olive trees.

Palestinians in Al-Naqab suffer from home demolition, displacement, and systematic storming of their homes and villages by the Yoav military unit of the so-called Israeli “Al-Naqab Development Authority” which is responsible for carrying out demolitions of Palestinian homes in the Al-Naqab.

About 300,000 Palestinians live in Al-Naqab and suffer from blatant discrimination in their basic rights by the Israeli occupation government in all aspects, including housing, education, wages, employment, and others.

The Palestinian community in the Al-Naqap is more than a third of the region’s population, while the Israeli population in the region has greatly increased following the Israeli occupation implementation of the Judaization schemes of the Al-Naqab.