Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli Occupation Detains 8 Palestinians in West Bank

N.S | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have detained at least 8 Palestinians Tuesday morning, September 20, 2022, as the occupation forces have escalated violations against Palestinian citizens in the Occupied West Bank and Jerusalem

Earlier, occupation forces kidnapped other Palestinians in the occupied West Bank which triggered rather cconfrontations and protests with civilian Palestinians.

As a result, Palestinian Resistance Movement (PRM) have condemned all sorts of oppressions committed by Israeli Occupation Forces against defenseless Palestinians.

PRM also urged occupation forces and Palestinian Authority (PA) to release the prominent figure, Mosab Eshtaya, and warned that it is likely to escalate violence in the occupied West Bank.

Israel Occupation Forces have carried out multiple raids and detentions in different parts in the occupied West Bank in September.

The occupied West Bank is on the brink of a wide scale clashes particularly in occupied Jerusalem as Israeli Occupation Forces give permission to their settlers to invade Al Aqsa Mosque, the Islamic holy site, and to commence provocative actions.