Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Israeli Occupation Declares ‘State of High Alert’ in Jerusalem

IOF Storm Palestinian House in Yatma, Detain Dozens
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Israeli media reported Friday, February 17, that Israeli occupation forces declared a state of high alert against the Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli newspaper “Israel Hayom” said, “There is a state of high alert in Jerusalem in the wake of the recent operations, as there are large forces of the Israeli police and border guards in the area.”

The newspaper quoted the Israeli occupation police in the Jerusalem area as saying, “We will increase our preparations in all sectors and throughout the city of Jerusalem, including increasing security activity as it was last week in the center and east of the city and in the Old City.”

For his part, an official in the occupation police called for banning the “Tik Tok” application in Jerusalem. He claimed that it became the main instigator of Palestinian children and youths to carry out resistance operations against the Israeli occupation forces and settlers.

The occupied Jerusalem and West Bank witnessed the implementation of resistance operations by Palestinian freedom fighters against the Israeli occupation forces and settlers in response to the escalating crimes against the Palestinian people and the series of racist sanctions imposed by the Israeli government on them.

The extremist Ben Gvir recently announced the launch of “Defensive Wall 2” military operation in occupied Jerusalem to end all forms of Palestinian resistance, even the peaceful ones.

The occupation government has also escalated Palestinian homes demolitions in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank and the construction of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands.

As well, it recently approved the construction of 9 illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, despite the opposition of the international community and human rights organizations.