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Saturday, June 3

Israeli Occupation Court Sentences Palestinian Student To 4.5 months, 6000 NIS Fine

Af.M | DOP -

An Israeli occupation court sentenced Tuesday, September 22, the Palestinian Student at Al-Quds Open University, Dina Jaradat, 23 Years old, to 4 months and a half in Israeli occupation jails and a fine of 6000 shekels.

The Prisoner’s Club said that the Israeli occupation court issued a detention order against the Palestinian student, Dina Jaradat, from Jenin, to four and a half months in Israeli prison, and a fine of 6000 shekels.

Jaradat has been detained since August 7, after the Israeli occupation broke into her home in Jenin and kidnapped her, leaving a trail of destruction in her family’s home. 

Dina who suffers from hydrocephalus and needs to withdraw the fluid accumulated in her brain, was recently transferred from the Israeli Prison of ‘Damon’ to Israeli ‘Rambam Hospital’ where she underwent surgery and returned to ‘Damon’ Prison despite her critical health condition.

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission stressed that Dina’s detention is a crime and a flagrant violation of international law, calling on the human rights and international community to put pressure on Israeli occupation to stop its violations against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli illegal jails. 

In this regard, the Ministry of Detainees in Gaza condemned the Israeli occupation court’s sentence saying: “We condemn the four months and a half prison sentence issued against the sick detainee and university student, Dina Jaradat”. 

There are 32 female Palestinian detainees held in the darkness of illegal Israeli occupation jails among them 8 sick and injured female detainees living under harsh and unbearable conditions.