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Friday, January 27

Israeli Occupation Attracts Highest Number of Immigrants in Decades

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Over 70,000 people from 95 different countries migrated to Israel in 2022 with the support of the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, media sources reported.

This is the highest number in two decades and a dramatic increase over 2021 when an estimated 28,600 immigrants settled in the Palestinian-occupied lands.

Most immigrants in 2022 are from Russia and Ukraine. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, 37,364 Jews arrived from Russia, and 14,680 went from Ukraine.

Other noteworthy numbers include 3,500 from North America; 2,049 from France; 1,993 from Belarus; 1,498 from Ethiopia; 985 from Argentina; 526 from Britain; 426 from South Africa; and 356 from Brazil, according to Jewish Agency figures, published this morning.

“It was a dramatic year that emphasized the value of mutual responsibility among the Jewish people and during which the Jewish Agency helped strengthen the resilience of Jewish communities, empowered weaker populations in Israel, brought tens of thousands of olim [immigrants], and saved lives from all over Ukraine and brought them to a safe harbor in Israel,” said Jewish Agency chairman Doron Almog.

An official Israeli report published earlier this month revealed that 22,000 of the Jewish immigrants were “recruited by the Israeli army over the past decade, 15,000 of whom had no families.”

The report also pointed out that the “majority of the Jewish immigrants were fleeing the escalating war in Ukraine.” It added that the immigrants were also “exploiting the Israeli government’s efforts to bring home [sic] all Jews in warring countries.”

Source: Middle East Monitor