Days of Palestine

Tuesday, May 30

Israeli Medical Neglect Sharply Deteriorates Lives of Two Palestinian Prisoners 

M.S | DOP -

The Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Committee revealed that the two prisoners, Samer Matar and Ali Sobeih, suffer from many health issues as a result of the policy of medical neglect practiced by the Israeli occupation.

The committee stated that the prisoner Samer Matar from Hebron, who is sentenced to 13 years in prison and is currently in the Israeli “Raymond” prison, suffers from many health problems, as the Israeli prison administration deliberately delays in providing him with the necessary medical treatment.

In its report, the committee added that, two months ago, Matar underwent a prostate operation and needed an x-ray, but the Israeli prison administration is satisfied with only giving him sedatives.

Matar also complains of stomach ulcers, acute colitis, high blood pressure, and also suffers migraines.

The committee explained that the prisoner, Ali Sobeih, who is in Raymond Prison, suffers from a lack of teeth on the right and left sides and needs an emergency dental implant, as he was beaten by Israeli Al-Yamam units in 2012, which caused his teeth to crack.

Six months ago, the prisoner underwent a hernia operation after suffering for 6 years. The prisoner also complains of kidney pain as a result of his hunger strike for 30 days.

It pointed out that “the Israeli occupation is holding about 600 detainees inside its prisons, suffering from diseases of various degrees, and there are those who need follow-up and intensive health care for their sensitive condition.

The committee called on international legal and humanitarian institutions to intervene immediately and urgently to save the lives of Palestinian detainees, especially patients and those in serious cases.