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Saturday, June 3

Israeli Deadly Attacks on Gaza Triggers Wide Condemnation

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Israeli deadly attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip, resulting in the killing of 13 Palestinians, triggered Arab and International anger on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

Several Arab countries and other parties expressed condemnation of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, calling for the protection of the Palestinian people.

The Turkish foreign ministry condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza which resulted in the killing of 13 Palestinians, including four women and four kids.

“We expect these attacks to be ended immediately, without further loss of life and causing a new spiral of violence in the region,” the Turkish ministry stated.

In addition, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the Israeli aggression on Gaza, pointing out that such attacks violate the rules of international law and international legitimacy.

Meanwhile, another statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned the Israel attack on Gaza. It expressed anger over ‘the silence of Western countries and international organizations.

“Islamic countries must take urgent, effective, deterrent and coordinated measures to stop Israeli attacks,” a spokesperson of the Iranian foreign ministry Nasser Kanani stated.

Moreover, Jordan demanded that the international community take action to stop Israeli aggression on Gaza. The Jordanian demands included providing protection for people in the Gaza Strip and all Palestinian lands.

Qatar also expressed condemnation of the Israeli aggression, adding that the Israeli attacks pose a part of Israel’s series of horrific crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people.

The Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its “deep concern over the successive barbaric attacks and the dangerous escalation of the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people.

The Algerian statement pointed out that the Israeli escalation came in a flagrant violation of all international laws and norms. It also renewed its full and permanent solidarity with the Palestinian people.

At midnight on Tuesday, Israeli warplanes started a new campaign of violence against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, targeting several homes.

13 Palestinians, including 4 women and four kids, were massacred while dozens of others were injured by the Israeli airstrike, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced.