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Thursday, June 1

Israeli Court Holds Trail Session for Palestinian Journalist Lama Ghosheh

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The Israeli magistrate’s court agreed on holding Monday, September a trial session for the Palestinian journalist Lama Ghosheh on accusations of “incitement” through social media.

Lama is facing substantial incitement charges through Facebook posts, which she denies.

Israeli occupation Public Prosecution will file an indictment against Ghosheh over her Facebook posts about the Palestinian resistance and martyrs during the aggression on Gaza Strip and the land incursions into Nablus in August, stated the head of the Jerusalemite Prisoners’ Families Committee, Amjad Abu Asab. 

Ghosheh’s detention was extended three times since her arrest last Sunday from the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

The family of the Palestinian journalist Lama Ghosheh revealed that their daughter was subjected to at least three 10-hour-long interrogation sessions and naked inspection by the Israeli occupation officers. 

Ghosheh is the mother of two children, Karmel, five, and Qais, three. She is a journalist and currently working as a researcher at the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit, north of Ramallah. 

Last Sunday, Israeli occupation forces raided Lama’s home and kidnapped her, wreaking havoc on her house and confiscating her laptop and smartphone during the arrest.

Palestinian Journalist Support Committee JSC revealed the Israeli occupation administration holds 21Palestinian journalists, including three female detainees in Israeli jails.

It added that seven of the Palestinian journalists in Israeli prisons are held currently under administrative detention without charge or trial.