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Israeli Bulldozers Infiltrate Gaza Borders, Raze Land

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Israeli occupation bulldozers Wednesday infiltrated Gaza borders from the eastern part of the al-Fakhari village, east of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, according to Days of Palestine reporter.

He said a number of Israeli bulldozers advanced into the borderline area while opening indiscriminate gunfire, and razed agricultural land.

There were no reports of human casualties.

Farmers in farmland on the borders say their situation has only worsened since the last Israeli aggression ended in May 2021, pointing to the Israeli military‘s frequent incursions into their land and its practice of firing live ammunition at farmers who enter the ‘buffer zone between Gaza and Israel.

Israel continues to breach a ceasefire deal reached with the Palestinian side on May 2021, following 11 days of deadly aggression on the strip, which claimed the lives of over 240 Gazans, overwhelmingly civilians.