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Wednesday, May 31

Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Cause Damage to Palestinian Hospital, Several Structures

Israeli airstrikes gaza damage
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Multiple airstrikes by Israeli warplanes left considerable damage to several Palestinian homes and structures in the besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday night, April 6, 2023.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that Israeli airstrikes caused partial damage at Al-Dorra Pediatric Hospital and terror among children.

In a statement, the health ministry strongly condemned the attacks which put patients’ lives at risk and created a sense of fear and insecurity among healthcare workers.

In addition, the health ministry urged the international community to put an end to the Israeli aggression against health facilities and pressurize Israel to respect the sanctity of health facilities.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Education reported that the Israeli attacks caused damage to an educational center east of Gaza City.

The ministry shared photos on Facebook showing the damage inside the Educational Training Center, due to the Israeli bombing east of Gaza.

Earlier on Friday, Palestinian media sources shared photos of Palestinians inspecting the damage done to their homes due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza last night.

Late on Thursday, the Israeli occupation warplanes launched aggression against the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon, bombing several sites and causing damage.