Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Israel Work Permits: An Unrequited Benevolent Gesture?


‘There is no such thing as a free lunch,’ this saying is particularly true in relation to the Israeli strategy towards Palestine and Palestinians. A good example of this would be: the worker’s permits that had been conveniently continued after 2021 may war on Gaza.


A week after the Isreal occupation army destroyed its target bank AKA 256 Palestinian civilians, of whom 66 were children. Another 1,948 Palestinians, including 610 children, were injured, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health. it realized, residential buildings, media outlets’ offices, book stores, and infrastructure, it admitted that it was “impossible to determine how much Hamas had been deterred and how the damage in Gaza would affect its decision whether to launch another campaign soon”.

It doesn’t stand as a novelty that the Israeli regime treats any of its ‘show of goodwill actions as’ as down payments to coerce desperate and impoverished Palestinians into partnering up with them as informants in exchange for being able to work in the Israeli offered menial jobs which often offered better pay than that of its counterparts (or even high-status jobs in the strip) that is of course of these jobs were even available as Gaza’s unemployment rate skyrocketed due to all the restrictions the Israeli occupation imposes on trade, agriculture and water access, along with fishing leaving the work market barren land even to those with degrees of higher education
the coercion doesn’t stop there, It comes to include those with critical health conditions who are presented with the question: either you share information about your relative, neighbor, or friend who happens to be a part of the resistance or you are denied access to health care and sent back to the strip.
B’tselem stated that, for years, Israel had used two main approaches to recruit collaborators: “Making the granting of essential services and permits conditional on collaboration; and promising individuals suspected, accused, or convicted of security and criminal offenses the charges would be withdrawn, their sentences lightened, or their conditions improved in exchange for their cooperation and assistance.”
It’s worth noting that Israel’s shows of goodwill arent ‘favors’ but rights Palestinians are entitled to being under occupation by international law.  According to B’tselem, since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, the authorities have seen the granting of vital and civil services to Palestinians as “favors and expressions of goodwill that can be revoked at any time”, rather than an obligation that it bears as an occupying power.
But Israel administers the illness and then offers its, conditional, antidote and calls it a show of good intentions, or a means to maintain calm that Palestinians should appreciate or quickly lose.