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Friday, March 31

Israel Kills Elderly Palestinian, A Testament to Indigenous Erasure

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Only the contemporary Palestinian generations over 60, whether those residing home or in exile and not permitted to, who have lived the first, second and the ongoing ethnic cleansing attacks and have experienced the displacement by the Jewish Haganah and Irgun militias, can imagine the violence and the brutality Omar Asaad laid under by the aggressive young Israeli soldiers.

Omar Asa’d, an elderly in his 80s, was headed home after he paid a visit to his family in Jaljalia Village when he was attacked by savage Israeli forces and beaten to death.

It is regular that Palestinians visit their families and spend lots of time laughing and bickering, tearing nostalgia to fragmented parts of their home sometimes and occasionally fantasizing the return to it, yet well knowingly they are under a constant state of threat and terror, as was the case of Asad. However, what happened with Asad draws a typical instance of what kind of colonizer’s rules the Israeli military system imposes.

Israel’s occupation system is a labyrinthine system that interjects itself into the littlest aspect of the Palestinian daily routines. ‘Systems’ we say because Israel’s military rule goes beyond soldiers in combat. We tangle our life duties and timing to the military. The fear we encounter is enough to keep terrorizing us and pushing us towards further displacements.

Jaljalia village Counselor, Fouad Mutee, said that not only did the Israeli soldiers assault Asa’d, who later succumbed to his wounds, but also attacked four other Palestinians, including vegetable merchants, who had just gone work early in the morning.

Inhumanity at its clearest

Asad was handcuffed before being dragged blindfolded into an anonymous, unconstructed location and tortured to death.

Muhannad, Asad’s cousin, said that “my elderly cousin was murdered while returning home at dawn when he was surprised by a large number of Israeli occupation forces, equipped ready to attack with evil conscience and intents,” and added, “they forcibly pulled him out of the car, handcuffed and blindfolded him, before they murdered him in a site under construction.”

Asa’d body was found still, as obvious signs and severe effects displaying merciless torture and damage in his organs.

Immediate action needed

The assault on Asa’d is a showcase of the crimes committed against the Palestinian people at an international level of complicity and back up for the violent state of Israel.

“No justification is demanded; there is not any in the first place,” said Asa’s cousin.
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Exposing the brutality of the Israeli occupation jeopardizes our lives. We keep persisting on exposing them because our lives are at risk already. But we keep telling because the world should hear the authentic message of our suffering.

The case of Asad has to be understood by the lens of his murder, and Israel is but to be held accountable for the unjust deprivation of rights, deprivation of innocent indigenous population.

It is time for the world to stop the cruelty that takes place crystal clear and amplify our testimonies the world seems to pile into ashes of air.

Israel, and through such law arbitrariness and subjugation, aims to dispossess the Palestinians so that another settler population can take over. So easy to kill a population, so hard to maintain one.