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IOF Shoot at Radio Station in Nablus; PJS Calls for International Protection

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Days of Palestine – Nablus

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS), in light of yesterday’s Israeli army shooting at a radio station in the West Bank city of Nablus, has renewed its call on the international community to provide protection for journalists working in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The PJS condemned in a statement the shooting at the main office of Shabab FM radio station in Nablus, which was hit by three bullets threatening the life of the workers at the station.

It said the bullets, which hit the studios of the radio station located on the ninth floor of a building in Nablus city center, were apparently fired by a sniper, “which clearly proves that the highly visible radio station was directly targeted.”

Shabab FM said in a statement that even though some members of the staff were close to where the bullets hit, the damage was confined to the property only.

The PJS held the Israeli occupation responsible “for this crime,” calling on the International Federation of Journalists to denounce it and “to pursue the Israeli occupation for its crimes committed against the journalists.”

It also called on the United Nations to provide protection to journalists by implementing resolution 2222 on the protection of journalists in occupied areas and to make sure that the occupation leaders do not get impunity because otherwise, they will continue their attacks against Palestinian journalists.

Israeli occupation units raided Nablus yesterday during which soldiers shot and killed three Palestinians and injured some 70 others.