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Thursday, June 8

IOF Purpose is to Teach Soft Majority How to Kill, IOF Novelist Writes

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Yishai Sarid, an Israeli novelist and who served in the occupation forces for six years, has published a novel, Victorious, in which he explored how IOF leadership turns young Israelis and women into a killing machine.

In the novel, he tells the story of an Israeli female psychologist, Abigail, who believes her job is to teach young soldiers to kill. Yet, she was shocked as her son enlisted in the occupation forces.

Sarid explains in his novel that Israeli Occupation leadership prepares young soldiers to head fearlessly into killing , and protecting them from the psychological damage of war.

He highlighted that human beings are tender-hearted and most of them flinch at the thought of killing, except for the few who were born to do it, for whom killing comes naturally. The purpose of IOF is to teach the soft majority how to kill.

“Whenever there’s some aggressions or war in Gaza… I feel like I belong to it, I take part, even if I’m not physically there,” said Sarid.

Speaking of horrors of dead children in Gaza, the novelist mentioned a young female IOF pilot and how she cannot stop thinking about the 7-year-old boy she killed during a targeted airstrike during the previous aggressions on the Gaza Strip.

In one Scene, Abigail, the protagonist, convinced the female pilot that what she did in Gaza is not a big deal and that she has to forget about it and enjoy her life.

“Nobody cares but you. The boy is dead now, and he didn’t feel a thing. Get over it, Noga. This kind of thinking makes you dysfunctional. It’s over. Move on. Let’s talk about nice things.” Abigail said to the pilot.

She added: “You did the right thing. You probably saved civilian lives. It isn’t your fault that they don’t keep their children safe, involving them in wars. You’re absolutely not guilty of anything here.”

In less than two decades, Israeli Occupation Forces have carried out several brutal aggressions on the Gaza Strip killing nearly 4000 Palestinians the majority are children and women.