Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

IOF Kidnaps Palestinians in the West-Bank

S.K | DOP -

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) kidnapped Saturday night, October 22, 2022 a Palestinian young woman after raiding her home in the village of Ramin, to the east of Tulkarm in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli occupation forces invaded the village of Deir Nidham, in Ramallah province, and detained two Palestinians after raiding and searching their homes, local sources said.

In Bethlehem, south of the West Bank, two Palestinian young men were reportedly detained by the Israeli occupation army in a raid on their homes in Dheisha refugee camp.

Almost on a daily basis, Israeli occupation forces carry out raids targeting populated Palestinian communities for arrests or searches. This is usually carried out at nighttime and has become a routine under Israeli military regime.