Days of Palestine

IOF Intensify Military Measures South of Occupied Nablus

S.K | DOP -

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) intensified Monday, April 10, 2023, their military measures on the roads in the southern countryside of occupied Nablus.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces heavily deployed on the road linking Ramallah and Nablus, while the Zaatara and Huwara checkpoints obstructed the movement of Palestinian citizens.

Thousands of Israeli settlers, led by at least seven Israeli ministers and more than 20 Knesset members including Finance Minister Smotrich, and extremist National Security Minister Ben Gvir, are participating in a march from the Za’tara intersection towards the site of the “Evitar” settlement outpost, established on top of Jabal Sabih, south of Nablus.

Israeli settlers plan to hold a large festival in this outpost to demand its legitimacy. Israeli media reported that some of the Israeli settlers will remain there, with the aim of forcing reality on the ground.