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IOF Detain 900 Palestinians, 120 Kids, 17 Women in April 2023

IOF Detain 900 Palestinians, 120 Kids, 17 Women in April 2023
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Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained 900 Palestinian citizens, including 120 kids and 17 females, in April 2023, according to the Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies (PCPS).

PCPS reported that Israeli troops escalated the detention of Palestinian citizens in the past month, especially in occupied Jerusalem.

The highest rate of detentions is in Jerusalem

The Palestine Center indicated that Jerusalem witnessed the highest rate of detention, amounting to more than 75% of the total detentions, as Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnaped 660 defenseless Palestinians, including women and children.

On Wednesday night, April 5, Israeli forces detained 440 Palestinian worshipers during their attack on the Al-Qbali Chapel in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Later, the Israeli occupation released them under the condition of deportation from the mosque.

According to PCPS, Israeli gangs kidnapped 85 Palestinian kids, including an injured one, and 12 women from occupied Jerusalem.

In addition, the Israeli occupation courts issued hundreds of deportation, house arrest, and administrative detention orders against Jerusalemites.

The Israeli courts issued more than 500 orders of deportation from the Al-Aqsa Mosque mainly and 55 house arrest orders, including 20 orders against Palestinian kids.

The besieged Gaza does not escape the Israeli detentions

The Israeli occupation has been severely besieging the occupied Gaza for over 16 consecutive years by which it controls the life of over 2.2 million Palestinians and isolates them from the outer world.

Though, Israeli troops continue to restrict Gaza’s Palestinians by shooting them, launching aggressions, and detaining them in the eastern borders and the Gaza offshore.

Last April, IOF detained 7 Palestinians from Gaza, including 4 fishermen. The other 3 Palestinian were detained near the eastern Gaza borders.

Palestinian child detainees

The PCPS’s head, Reyad Al-Ashqar, stated that the Israeli occupation escalated the targeting of Palestinian kids with detention, house arrests, and high fines in the past April.

He reported that IOf detained 120 Palestinian children, 65 of them were detained during the Israeli forces storming of the AL-Aqsa Mosque.

Though he is only 6 years old, Israeli troops summoned the Jerusalemite child, Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Abbasi, for investigation under the pretext that he had a plastic toy in the shape of a gun.

Israeli courts also sentenced 3 other children to administrative detention, who are Yahya Al-Rimawi, Qasim Hawamda, and Jamal Adi, and renewed the administrative detention of the Palestinian child Jihad Jaber for additional 4 months. The four kids are at the age of 17.

Palestinian woman detainees

Israeli occupation forces detained in the past April 17 defenseless Palestinian women, according to the Palestinian center.

IOF detained the girl Rawda Abu Ajameyya from the Deheisha refugee camp and transferred her to administrative detention. They also detained the girl Rahma Manasra, 20.

The Israeli troops also detained the Jerusalemite women Khadija Khwais, Hanadi Halawani, Alaa Al-Sous, and Nafisa Khwais from inside the Al-Aqsa mosque. The Israeli occupation sentenced them to house arrest and deportation from Al-Aqsa.

They also kidnapped the Turkish young girl Ozgecan Mutlu near Bab Al-Rahma ( Mercy Gate) in the Al-Aqsa mosque. They were released under the condition of deportation from the Al-Aqsa mosque for a week.

Administrative detainees

Al-Ashqar stated that the Israeli courts escalated issuing administrative detention orders against Palestinian citizens in the past month.

In April, they issued 256 administrative detention orders, 157 of which are orders to renew administrative detention for periods between two to six months. Administrative detention has been renewed many times, some reached 5 times, for many detainees.

The Israeli courts issued 108 new administrative detention orders against Palestinians for the first time, most of them are ex-detainees who spent many years inside Israeli prisons.

It’s noteworthy that 4 Palestinian children and a woman have been sentenced to administrative detention.

The Israeli occupation claims that the Palestinian administrative detainees have secret files that cannot be disclosed at all, so the detainees do not know the length of their sentences or the charges against them. The administrative detainee is often subject to the renewal of the detention period more than once, and it may sometimes reach a full year, which is also subject to renewal.