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Wednesday, May 31

IOF Blew Up Palestinian House West of Occupied Ramallah

IOF Blew Up Palestinian House West of Occupied Ramallah
M.S | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) blew up Tuesday, May 23, 2023, a Palestinian house in the town of Nilin, west of Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank.

At dawn today, about 50 military Israeli vehicles reportedly stormed the town and surrounded the house of the family of the killed Palestinian Al-Mu’taz Bellah Al-Khawaja and a number of neighbouring houses.

Local Palestinian sources stated that the Israeli soldiers forced the Palestinian residents to leave their homes, including an elderly woman, to demolish the house.

Consequently, confrontations took place throughout the town between the occupation forces and dozens of Palestinian citizens, who blocked the roads and threw stones, and fireworks at the armed to the teeth soldiers.

During the confrontations, a young Palestinian man has been wounded by live bullets in the foot.

The Israeli military incursion lasted for nearly five hours.

IOF blew up the house early this morning, as the sounds of successive explosions were heard throughout the town.

Israeli forces killed Al-Khawaja after carrying out a shooting attack in the Dizenkof neighbourhood in Tel Aviv last March in response to the continuous Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

They also detained his father and son: the Israeli occupation issued a decision to demolish the house at the time as a part of the systematic Israeli policy of collective punishment against Palestinians.