Days of Palestine

Hundreds of Israeli settlers Storm Aqsa Mosque under Heavy Police Protection

Days of Palestine -

Hundreds of Israeli settlers stormed Aqsa mosque Sunday morning 29 May 2022 chanting anti-Arab phrases and performing Talmudic rituals in yards of the 3rd holiest Islamic place, provoking feelings of Millions of Muslims and Palestinians.

Israeli occupation forces accompanied the Israeli settlers and provided them protection while storming the yards of Aqsa.

Israeli forces detained number of Palestinian worshipers in Aqsa mosque in an attempt to clear the mosque’s compound for Israeli settlers.

Such Israeli provocation comes in spite of frequent warnings for Israeli occupation not to violate sanctity of Islamic holy places in the occupied city of Jerusalem, especially Aqsa mosque.

The Islamic resistance movement of Hamas has warned the Israeli occupation of such provoking violations against Aqsa mosque and Muslim worshipers in holy compound, noting that such Israeli actions will get the whole area to explosion.

The Israeli occupation declared lately a March of flags will be held by Israeli settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem and it will go through the Islamic compound of Aqsa mosque which has been deemed by Palestinian resistance as declare of war that crosses red lines that cannot pass without price.

Many International parties have urged the Israeli occupation not to go on in the Israeli provocative march, but the Israeli occupation turned a deaf ear for such warnings.

In 2015, Israeli settlers held the march of flags and violated Aqsa compound with suppression of Palestinian prayers in the yards of the mosque leaving hundreds injured including men, women and elderly.

The Israeli violations sparked 11-day-long Israeli war upon Palestinian people in the Gaza strip, west Bank and lands occupied in 1948, killing 232 Palestinians including 65 children, 39 women.

Some 2000 Palestinians were also injured and hundreds of homes and facilities were destroyed.