Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Haniyeh: We Will Foil All Suspicious Projects to Liquidate Palestinian Cause

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Days of Palestine – Bierut

Head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” Ismail Haniyeh stressed that there is no future for the Israeli Zionist occupation of the land of Palestine.

Haniyeh said during his speech at a large public festival in Lebanon organized by Hamas, entitled “We will see it soon,” that the return of Palestinian refugees to Palestine is near, stressing our people’s adherence to its principles and rights, foremost of which is the right of return to Palestine, adding that the refugees are the definitive evidence of the rejection of the alternative homeland.

He stressed that the resistance in Palestine will not allow any project aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause, stressing that Palestine is not for bargaining.

Haniyeh also stressed that Hamas is open to all countries, parties, and the axis of resistance, and has its clear and well-known strategic position.

Haniyeh affirmed Hamas’ keenness on Lebanon’s security and stability, stressing that Lebanon’s security is a supreme Palestinian interest, expressing full solidarity with Lebanon in the face of the Zionist aggression on its natural resources, adding that the Zionist enemy has no right to Lebanon’s wealth.

He stressed the commitment of Hamas not to interfere in the affairs of the Arab countries at all, adding that we are guests of people in Lebanon and are waiting to return to Palestine.

Haniyeh pointed out that Lebanon has always been loyal to Palestine and its resistance, and is always in the right square.

Haniyeh stressed that Hamas is committed to joint action with all national and Islamic forces in Lebanon, indicating that it will make all possible efforts to alleviate the suffering of our people in Lebanon’s camps.

He pointed out that our demand to improve the conditions of our people in Lebanon comes as a fraternal human right, and does not mean that we want a settlement until return to Palestine.

Haniyeh stressed the continuation of the movement in its relief projects to support our people in the camps in Lebanon, pointing to the continuation of the relief campaign implemented by the movement in Lebanon.

He stressed the adherence of our people in Lebanon to the right to return to Palestine.