Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Hamas Calls For Release of Cancer-Stricken Naser Abu Humaid

B.M | DOP -

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance movement called on Friday, September 9, for the release of critically-ill Palestinian detainee Naser Abu Humaid.

In a press statement, Zaher Jabarin, a member of Hamas political bureau, stated that the movement is following with deep concern the rapidly deteriorating condition of Palestinian detainee Nasser Abu Humaid.

He added that the movement holds the Israeli occupation fully responsible for his life and the lives of Palestinian sick prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

“We reaffirm that the issue of Palestinian detainees remains at the heart of the Palestinian struggle across occupied Palestine,” Jabarin stressed, adding that Israel has to respond to this call before it is too late.

Jabarin sent a message to the Palestinian people and factions, human rights groups, and the free peoples of the world to “immediately act to save sick and elderly Palestinian detainees who are facing imminent death due to the Israeli occupation’s arbitrary policies.”

About 600 Palestinian sick prisoners are held currently in Israeli prisons under harsh conditions. Israeli occupation authorities practice medical negligence against them, depriving them of their legal right to treatment.