Days of Palestine

Saturday, March 25

General Strike Prevails in Most Palestinian Cities Following Israeli Massacre in Nablus

S.K | DOP -

Palestinian political parties announced Wednesday, February 22, 2023 a general strike in most of the West-Bank cities and the Gaza Strip in response to the barbaric Israeli crimes that took place in Nablus today, calling on Palestinians to come out in protest near Israeli army checkpoints.

Israeli occupation forces committed a massacre today  in the occupied city of Nablus, in which they murdered 10 Palestinian citizens, including a child and two elderly people, and injured more than 102 others, including 7 serious injuries.

Widespread confrontations broke out soon after the Israeli Occupation Forces stormed Nablus with dozens of armoured vehicles and special forces at 10am in the morning. IOF blocked off all entrances to the city before surrounding a home with two wanted Palestinian freedom fighters, Hossam Isleem and Mohammad Abdulghani, who were both killed.

Nablus and nearby Jenin have been the focus of violent incursions that Israel has intensified over the last year. The cities are where “the concentration of armed resistance is growing”, according to Palestinian journalists.

With the killing of the ten Palestinian citizens in Nablus, the number of Palestinians killed by the occupation forces and Israeli settlers snice the beginning of this year has risen to 62, including 13 children, three elderly Palestinians, and a detainee in the occupation prisons.