Days of Palestine

Gazans Stand in Solidarity with Abu Humaid

N.S | DOP -

Activists gathered on Saturday, October 1st, before the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza in support of the Palestinian cancer-stricken detainee Naser Abu Humaid as he experiences deterioration in health condition.

A senior spokesperson Nisreen Radi has confirmed that the case of Palestinian prisoners is a red line and will be on our top agenda.

In her speech before the gathering, she said that Israeli occupation must be held accountable for their oppressions against Abu Humaid and other Palestinian prisoners.

She called on official authorities to intervene and stop Israeli occupation’s medical negligence policy that is being implemented to put more pressure on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails.

Administrative detention is an Israeli policy which grants Israeli occupation forces permission to detain Palestinians without legal charges.

Israeli Occupation Service imposes on purpose harsh sanctions on Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails.