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Wednesday, May 31

Gaza Energy & Natural Resources Authority: Israeli Military Attacks Leave Gaza in Critical Power Crisis

Gaza power plant
M.Y | DOP -

Gaza Energy and Natural Resources Authority stated Saturday 13 May 2023 that the Israeli military aggression on Gaza resulted in a critical situation in the energy sector of the besieged enclave.

It added that an imminent humanitarian catastrophe is about to hit Gaza due to the Israeli closure of the crossings and preventing entry of the artificial fuel required to operate the Gaza sole power plant.

The only power station in the Gaza Strip suffers from a severe shortage in the fuel quantities need to operate it.

Since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, Fuel supplies have been completely stopped, and the current fuel in the station is about to run out.

Some 432 Palestinian patients including 27 patients in critical conditions were prevented from getting treatment in hospitals of Jerusalem and occupied West Bank.

Moreover, Israeli occupation forces prevented press crews from entering the Gaza strip to cover Israeli aggression there.

Therefore, the humanitarian situation in Gaza is heading to a real catastrophe at all levels mainly the health sector, which will lead to stopping all medical services that depend on no-cut power, in addition to other services provided to citizens such as water, electricity, sewage and treatment which will inevitably stop.

According to the Palestinian health ministry, the Israeli ongoing military attacks on Gaza have killed 33 civilians, including six children and three women, and injured 111 others, beside destroying some 30 Palestinian homes entirely.