Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Foreign Ministry Condemns Israeli Forces Killing of Palestinians

S.K | DOP -

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned Monday, October 3rd, 2022 what it described as “the heinous crime of execution” committed by the Israeli occupation forces in Jalazone refugee camp, north of occupied Ramallah.

This has led to the killing of Basel Basbous, 19, and Khaled Anbar, 22, residents of Jalazone, and the injury of Rafat Salameh, 19, from Birzeit town during a raid of the northern part of Ramallah.

The Ministry described the killings in a statement as a war crime and a crime against humanity to be added to the list of extra-judicial executions committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people, holding the Israeli government fully and directly responsible for this crime.

This is a direct result of instructions by the political leadership to the Israeli soldiers to shoot and kill Palestinians even if they do not pose a threat to their lives.

The Foreign Ministry called on the International Community to break its silence regarding the Israeli killing of Palestinians and the historical injustice that has befallen them, stressing that it will follow up on this crime, similar to previous crimes, with the International Criminal Court.