Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Fearing Threats of Al-Quds Brigades, the Israeli Occupation Stops Movement of Trains and Closes “Erez” and Zkim Beach


The Israeli occupation forces decided to close roads and axes along the area near the Gaza Strip borders, in addition to closing the Zkim Beach, stopping the movement of trains between Ashkelon and Sderot, and closing the Erez Crossing to workers’ movement and Kerem Shalom on Tuesday morning, August 2, 2022.

The Israeli army spokesman said that the closure decision came after assessing the situation due to fears of sniper fire and anti-missiles from Gaza, after the arrest of the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement in the occupied West Bank, Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi, in Jenin in the occupied West Bank, and the threats of Al-Quds Brigades.


The Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, announced yesterday evening, Monday, a state of alert and raising the readiness of its mujahideen (freedom fighters), and the combat units operating.

Al-Saraya said – in a brief statement -: “We announce the state of alert and raise the level of readiness, in response to the call of duty in the face of the treacherous aggression that the great leader Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi and his family were subjected to a short while ago in Jenin.”

And the “Israeli” occupation forces stormed Jenin refugee camp and arrested the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi, amid major clashes between resistance fighters from the Jenin Brigade and the occupation forces, which led to his injury after being assaulted during his arrest yesterday.

The injury of Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi, sparked a state of anger amid fear for his life, especially after his son Ezz El-Din Al-Saadi confirmed that his father was injured and that they were unaware of the nature of the injury so far.

He added: “We took our mother to the hospital after being assaulted by the soldiers, in addition to the arrest of my sister’s husband, Ashraf Al-Jan`, and we do not know yet to which side they were taken.

The assault on the resident of Al-Saadi and his family is seen as an act of unjust collective punishment. Al-Saadi was arrested with injuries due to being attacked by a security dog upon his arrest.