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Wednesday, May 31

European Union: ‘Israel’ must respect children’s right to education

T.Sh | DOP -

The European Union called on the Israeli occupation on Sunday, May 7, 2023, to cease all demolitions and evictions, which will only exacerbate the suffering of Palestinians and escalate an already tense situation.

“Israel should halt all demolitions and evictions, which will only increase the suffering of the Palestinian population and further escalate an already tense environment,” The European Union stated.

In a press release issued today, Sunday, the European Union voiced its dismay over the demolition of the “Jib al-Dib” school by the Israeli occupation authorities, which serves 60 Palestinian children.

The European Union emphasized that the demolitions are against international law and that the right of children to education must be respected.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli occupation forces demolished the “Al-Tahaddi 5” mixed basic school in the “Jub Al-Dhib” area in Beit Ta’mar, east of Bethlehem.