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Tuesday, March 21

EU ‘seriously concerned’ about Hisham Abu Hawash life


Days Of Palestine – Gaza

The European Union Delegation to the Palestinians (DPAL) expressed grave concern Monday over the health of a Palestinian prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for 141st days in protest against his detention without trial ‘administrative detention’ by the Israeli occupation. 

DPAL said it is “seriously concerned” about Hisham Abu Hawash, whose life is reportedly in “immediate danger,” according to a report by Physicians for Human Rights and is in critical condition on the 141th day of the hunger strike.

Reminding that Hawash aimed to protest his administrative detention in an Israeli occupation prison since October 2020 through the strike, the delegation said on Twitter that “the use of administrative detention without formal charge remains a longstanding concern.”

“Detainees have the right to be informed about charges underlying any detention, must be given a fair trial within a reasonable time or be released,” they added, calling for an urgent solution from Israeli authorities.

On Jan. 1, the International Committee of the Red Cross paid a visit to monitor Hawash’s condition and reported that the committee is “gravely concerned about his deteriorating health.”

“Every effort must be made to find a solution to avoid irreversible health consequences and the possible tragic loss of life,” they added.

It is worth mentioning that Hisham Abu Hawash is in critical condition and his life is in “immediate danger,” according to report by Physicians for Human Rights.

Source: Anadolu Agency