Days of Palestine

EU Demands Israeli Occupation Abolish Law Permitting Resettlement of Evacuated West Bank Areas

M.Y | DOP -

The European Union on Tuesday expressed disapproval of the Israeli Knesset‘s choice to revoke a section of a 2005 law that had mandated Jewish settlers to vacate four unauthorized settlements in the West Bank. They urged the Israeli occupation to reverse its decision.

The office of EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell stated that the annulment of the law impedes attempts to reduce tensions and forecloses the opportunity of taking steps to build trust.

In the statement, the European Union parliament was reminded of the illegality of Israeli settlements according to international law and warned that such settlements could be a hindrance to peace and the prospect of a twostate solution.

This statement requested that the Israeli occupation cancel the decree passed by the parliament on Tuesday that would let 10,000 Israelis to inhabit four settlements in the northern West Bank which was evacuated in 2005, namely Homesh, SaNur, Kadim, and Ganim.