Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Demands to Dismiss West Bank UNRWA Director over Biased Tweet

B.M | DOP -

The 302 commission to defend refugee’s rights called to dismiss the UNRWA director in the West Bank Adam Pollux over a biased tweet he posted following the Israeli massacre in Nablus.

In a statement, the 302 commission said Adam Pollux violated the principles of neutrality, demanding his immediate dismissal.

Adam Pullox, director of UNRWA in the occupied West Bank, tweeted that Abdelaziz Al-Ashqar, who was killed by Israeli forces in Nablus, was standing at the wrong time and in the wrong place”, providing a clear justification for Israel’s crime.

In addition, the Relief Agency Department of the Democratic Front” calls on UNRWA to hold “Adam Pollux” accountable and calls on international employees to respect the limits of their job.

The Agency Department said that Adam’s tweet gives the occupation soldiers a cover for their criminal practices condemned by the United Nations.

The “Relief Agency Department of the Democratic Front” said that Mr. Pollux used more than one title in his tweet that required his immediate dismissal.

“He considered that what happened in Nablus was an “exchange of fire between the Israeli army and gunmen,” and this is also contrary to the truth,” the tweet read.