Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Civil Defence: Israeli Occupation Destroys Buildings Over Residents’ Heads

M.Y | DOP -

Palestinian Civil Defense in Gaza Strip confirmed on Sunday, August 7, that the Israeli occupation destroyed several Palestinian buildings above the heads of their residents in the Gaza Strip, without paying attention to civilians, women, and children inside it.

The Directorate of Civil Defence said in a press statement, “We declared the emergency in Gaza Strip since the early hours of the Israeli aggression in order to support our people under the ongoing aggression.”

It added that the teams of Civil Defence carried out 71 firefighting, rescue, and ambulance missions, most of which were carried out in the northern and southern Gaza Strip.

“The Israeli occupation destroyed several buildings over the heads of their residents in the Al-Shout neighborhood in Rafah yesterday evening, violating all international humanitarian conventions and norms, ” the Directorate added.

Civil defense crews, not provided with sufficient equipment, spent hours searching for the missing under the rubble of a 3-story-building bombarded by Israeli missiles in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. rescuers pulled out the dead bodies of 8 Palestinians massacred under the rubble after 8 hours of searching.

Earlier Saturday, the Palestinian Government Media Office in Gaza revealed that the Israeli ongoing aggression has damaged or destroyed more than 650 houses.

The Israeli ongoing aggression against Gaza, on its third day, left at least 31 Palestinians, including 6 children and 4 women killed, and at least 250 injured