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Thursday, June 8

Cancer-Stricken Prisoner Abu Hamid Suffers from Medical Neglect

M.Y | DOP -

Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs on Thursday, August 18, 2022, warned that the health condition of the cancer-stricken prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid is severely deteriorating, asserting that he is suffering from the Israeli policy of medical neglect.

According to a report issued by the Commission, the Israeli prison administration continues to detain prisoner Abu Hamid in the Ramleh prison clinic in which dozens of Palestinian prisoners were martyred due to the deliberate Israeli policy of medical neglect.

“Cancer has spread to new parts of prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid’s body, including the brain,” the Commission warned.

It stressed that the serious health complications of prisoner Abu Hamid require great efforts to demand his release as soon as possible, holding Israel fully responsible for the life of Abu Hamid and all the Palestinian prisoners.

49-year-old Nasser Abu Hamid, who has been detained since 2002, underwent medical surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the lungs in 2021.