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Thursday, March 23

Belgian MP Calls for Banning Israeli Settlement’s Products from Entering European Union

Belgian MP Calls for Banning Israeli Settlement's Products from Entering European Union
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Belgian MP Simon Moutquin called on Monday, February 20, for banning products from Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian lands from entering European Union markets.

Moutquin wrote on his Facebook account, “This photo was taken in 2013 in Hebron, a city in occupied Palestine that suffers from the violence of extremist Israeli settlers. Every Saturday, an extremist religious organization organizes a tour in the Palestinian part of the city, where Palestinians are pushed to make this colonial tourism.”

“I am convinced that if the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict prevents many citizens from taking a stand, the evidence for rejecting products from land occupied by the army and hundreds of thousands of settlers must reach a consensus,” he added.

Moutquin continued, “The occupation of Palestine is illegal, and we cannot be complicit in allowing tons of products made in settlements to enter our stores.” Belgian MP

He pointed out that 18,950 Belgians signed the initiative of European citizens, which calls for stopping the import of products from illegal Israeli settlements.

Moutquin called on others to sign and distribute this petition out of respect for the law, for the freedom of the Palestinians, and for a just and lasting peace in the region.