Days of Palestine

Saturday, February 4

Belgian Institutions Invest in Israeli Occupation Companies, Report Revealed

Af.M | DOP -

Four Belgian banks, an airline and a chemicals company are involved with illegal Israeli settlements on the occupied Palestinian territory, a coalition of 24 activist organizations, on Monday revealed.

The report published on Monday, 7 December 2022 outs that about 725 European financial institutions, such as Solvay, IBM, TUI Group, and others supported approximately 50 Israeli occupation companies as these European institutions own $115.5 billion of the companies’ shares and bonds. 

These funded Israeli occupation companies participate in illegal demolitions, construction of Israeli settlements, and spying equipment provision. For example, TUI Group provides a “Back to the Beginning – Israel” tourist tour in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

Even though the EU strongly condemns Israeli occupation violations against Palestinians like Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes and Israeli settlements under international law, the European financial institutions still contribute to the Israeli occupation companies assaulting Palestinians’ rights.

Israeli occupation violations are illegal under international law and amount to war crimes that are against humanity.