Days of Palestine

Saturday, March 25

Basim Naim, “This New Statement Confirms That ‘Israel’ Is Run by a Fascist Government”

M.S | DOP -

Basem Naim, Head of the Department of Politics and Foreign Relations in Gaza, commented on the statement of the extremist Israeli Finance Minister, Smotrich, on the Palestinian town of Hawara, that it’s clear evidence of the fascism and extremism inherent in the current Israeli government.

“Next to many statements and actions by officials in the Israeli occupation government, this new statement comes to confirm that “Israel” is run by a fascist government, which poses a real threat to security and stability, not only in Palestine but also in the region and at the international level,” said Naim.

He added, “Today, the international community stands plain in front of the insolence of the truth here on the Palestinian land. We, as victims of this new fascism, are waiting for actions, not just words.”

Naim continued, “We hope that this will not take too long because time means that new lives, from all sides, will be lost until this is achieved.”

During his speech at an economic conference held by The Marker newspaper, the extremist Israeli Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, said on Wednesday, March 1, “The Palestinian village of Huwwara should be wiped out. The state needs to do it and not private citizens – referring to the Israeli settlers who attacked Hawara last Sunday.”

On Sunday, February 26, Israeli colonizers stormed Hawara town, under the protection of the occupation forces, threw stones at Palestinian homes, set fire to garbage containers and Palestinian vehicles, and tried to burn olive trees. They also set fire to a Palestinian house with its residents inside.

The settlers’ attack on the town resulted in the killing of a Palestinian and the injury of 390 others, as the Israeli occupation forces participated in the attack on the Palestinian citizens instead of controlling the security situation in the area.