Days of Palestine

Saturday, April 1

Act For Palestine Foundation Hosts New Symposium Over “Threats of Israeli Extremist Government”

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Act for Palestine Foundation held a symposium on Tuesday, January 31, in cooperation with several pro-Palestinian politicians and activists worldwide regarding the threats the new Israeli extremist government poses against Palestinians.

For her part, Sandra Tamari, executive director of Adalah Justice Project (AJP), reiterated that organized resistance through holding pro-Palestinian campaigns and vigils in every corner of the globe is crucial in order to stop Israeli crimes in the Occupied Palestinian territories (OPT).

The Palestinian journalist Muhammad Kafina, who works and resides in the Netherlands, asserted that the fundamental problem is that Palestine’s cause is not at the top of the international community’s agenda, adding that the Netherlands strongly supports the two-state solution.

The following speaker, Robert Andrews, a public relations specialist for the EuroPal Forum, emphasized how the new far-right Israeli minister, Ben Gvir, who was convicted of inciting racial hatred and aiding terrorism, has harmed relations with Palestinians because he frequently built bridges to transfer Palestinians to nearby Arab States at the heart of the conflict.

In contrast to Israeli propaganda overseas, BDS activist, author, and writer Miko Peled emphasized that there is not enough support for the Palestinian cause to defend and spread awareness of what is happening in Palestine.
The final speaker was Haneen Zoabi, a prominent politician from Palestine. She reinforced the idea of liberation from Israeli colonialism as well as the responsibilities and tasks we as Palestinians must fulfill in order to avoid relying on outside assistance.

The symposium has been held in light of the current Israeli hardline government’s increasing use of violence against Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT)., including settlement expansion, the killing of children, and great pain and bloodshed.