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Wednesday, March 29

Abdul Hadi Warns of Israel’s Plan to Suppress Palestinian Narrative Worldwide

Abdul Hadi Warns of Israel's Plan to Suppress Palestinian Narrative Worldwide
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At a Zoom meeting organized by Act4Palestine, Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi a specialist in Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas (AMED) Studies at San Francisco State University discussed the topic ofIsraeli Measures to Muffle Palestinian Voice in the World“.

At the gathering with numerous journalists and advocates in the Palestinian narrative to the globe, Abd alHadi discussed her previous dealings with the Israeli lobby, in which she endured threats and mistreatment both in her academic and personal life. The recently elected far-right Israeli government was blamed for attempting to stifle the Palestinian voice and reduce the Palestinian narrative through these onslaughts against Palestinians globally.

Abd alHadi mentioned that the Israeli occupation is taking drastic measures to stop Palestinian voices, including reporters, scholars, and aged activists, from being heard in the US and worldwide. She highlighted that the Israeli occupation is apprehensive of its wrongdoings against Palestinian activists abroad being reported, and is attempting to limit conversations about Palestine in American universities, including the Nakba.

She also clarified that each step taken by Israel is closely linked to the overall goal of obliterating the Palestinian narrative from around the world, in addition to attempting to break the spirit of Palestinian resistance.

Abdel Hadi asserted that a plethora of international reports from official sources have confirmed that Israel is an apartheid state, causing Israel to be highly concerned about being regarded as such on the international level. As a consequence, it is attempting to legitimatize the Zionist movement.

It is worth mentioning that Act4Palestine works through its various activities to convey the Palestinian narrative to the world and to raise the Palestinian voice in all official and unofficial forums.