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Saturday, June 3

A Full Investigation Still Needed into Shooting Death of Palestinian American Shireen Abu Akleh

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It seems the Biden administration cannot erase the memory of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, shot by an Israeli soldier last May. President Joe Biden refused to meet with the Abu Akleh family in July when he traveled to the region. On June 23, Sen. Sherrod Brown and 23 other senators sent a letter to Biden demanding the U.S. government ensure “a comprehensive, impartial, and open investigation” into Shireen’s shooting death.

It’s bizarre that the United States has not demanded full accountability from Israel for her death or conducted an independent investigation, as would be normal with the killing of an American citizen.

On Aug. 31, Lina Abu Akleh accepted the National Press Club’s “President’s Award” for journalism on behalf of her late aunt, as the press club called for a comprehensive U.S. investigation. Press Club President Jen Judson said other journalists remain at risk untill “we can fully and transparently investigate the circumstances of Shireen’s case.”

Israel acknowledged Sept. 5 that the bullet that killed Shireen probably came from one of its own soldiers, but said it was “accidental” and there would be no punishment. The family has demanded the United States conduct an independent investigation. It should.


Thomas Kim Hill,

Parma Heights