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What Awaits Al-Aqsa Mosque as Jewish Holidays Approach

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Last months were the heaviest on Al-Aqsa Mosque since its occupation in 1967. The aggressions against the mosque increased and the rise of Temple Groups attempts to Judaize it; besides, with every Israeli election, aggression rates rise drastically. On May 24, 2022, Jewish extremists stormed the mosque to perform Talmudic rituals, with heavy protection from Israeli police.

During years of rising aggression, Jewish holiday seasons are the heaviest times, especially ‘You Kippur’ and Hebrew New Year, according to Zyad Ibhes


Unprecedented Aggression

Temple groups are preparing programs to storm Al-Aqsa, starting from September 26 to October 1. Ibheis said that the Israelis are preparing for the coming holiday season to be the strongest aggression in 2022, considering Israeli elections season. “This study,” he continues, “will be crowned with political point scoring between the far right and the other more extreme.”

Dealing with the Temple as an existing building while parading the rituals would be the core of the expected aggression. That being said, “we should realize that imposing Jewish rituals was the heart of Israeli governments and extreme right groups agenda for the past three years” he adds.

Extreme groups take advantage of the holiday season to execute more riots and rising the number of participants. They also, want to impose a new reality, to achieve Spatial and temporal division of the mosque. Holiday season starts on Monday and Tuesday (26-27 September), right after Hebrew New Year. Temple Groups seek to blow the Shofar several times. This already happened behind Cameras last year.

Holiday season starts with Yom Kippur. Extremists make sure to storm in big numbers, wearing the forgiveness dress or the sacristy. They aim for a presence of Jewish leadership in parallel with Islamic leadership and imposing a siege and military checkpoints on the doors of the Mosque. While Israeli occupation forces prevent Palestinian to enter, they allow the settlers in.

As for Sukkot, it will start on Monday and lasts for two days. Settlers will include vegetal sacrificing into their rituals. According to Ibheis, Temple groups run a race to achieve a record of intruders’ numbers. At the end of the Holiday, they thank Israeli police and show off their hegemony over the mosque.


Hard Times

Jewish Holidays pose a threat to Al-Aqsa. In these times, riots and aggressions are the worst and largest, according to Jamal Amro. “Al-Aqsa is going through a tough time and being hit by the heaviest Israeli aggression. This targets its history, monuments, and worshipers,” He explains.

“As the Holiday approach, there are a lot of injustice aggressions and plans being prepared,” Amro says. “The worst awaits Al-Aqsa because Occupation forces and Jewish extreme Groups are becoming bolder and more arrogant every time. Whilst an Arabic and Islamic silence, and absence from the Jordanian guardianship,” He follows.

Amro calls the Arabic and the Islamic worlds to interfere urgently to rescue the mosque before it is too late. He, also, says, “we should work on public mobilizations to end the occupation.”