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Wednesday, March 22

US-based Jewish Leader: Growing Divisions Tearing Israel Apart

Af.M | DOP -

A Jewish leader expressed on Friday, February 2023 concern over the growing division in ‘Tel Aviv’ particularly caused by the Israeli regime’s judicial overhaul which will give absolute power to the most far-right government in the Israeli regime’s history.

“Israeli regime is being torn apart by political issues,” stated William Daroff, chief executive of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CoP).

He noted, “I think there is a crisis of divisiveness here in Israel. There have been five elections of divisiveness,”.

Daroff added that the crisis of divisiveness is not only limited to ‘Israel’ and continued that the US is also witnessing the same situation.

“There’s a crisis of divisiveness, of not finding consensus, of political issues being weaponized into something more than they should be. That is of great concern,” he said.

Early in January, Benjamin Netanyahu’s justice minister unveiled the new far-right regime’s long-promised overhaul of the judicial system, by introducing a series of changes aimed at curbing the powers of the judiciary, including allowing lawmakers to pass laws that the high court has struck down and in effect deemed unconstitutional.

Massive demonstrations began on January 7 against the new Israeli far-right plans for comprehensive changes. Since then, tens of thousands of Israeli settlers have been taking part in weekly Saturday night marches, blaming the coalition for planning a “constitutional coup”.