Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

The ‘Jerusalem Declaration ‘ Continues The Aggression Against Our People, Hamas Says


The Islamic resistance group Hamas sent out a press release, today Thursday, in response to ‘The Jerusalem Declaration’ between the U.S. administration and the Israeli occupation government

which prefaces with “The ‘Jerusalem Declaration’, between the US administration and the Israeli occupation, continues the aggression against our people and their legitimate rights, which will not succeed in giving Isreal an alleged legitimacy on our land.”

 The press release stated the following:

We in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) clearly declare our rejection of what was signed today, in the document called the “Jerusalem Declaration,” between the US administration and the Israeli occupying entity; Which came as a dedication to Washington’s approach of siding with it (Israel) and supporting its aggression against our Palestinian people and our Islamic and Christian lands and holy sites

This declaration cames as a continuation of the American suspicious attempts to eradicate the Palestinian cause by integrating this strange entity into the body of our Arab and Islamic nation. this is a reflection of the failure of the Israeli occupation in the face of the continuous resistance of our people and the state of rejection for the atrocities practiced by this barbaric Occupation. Our people fight in defense of our national constants and our right to freedom and self-determination.

We, the Hamas movement, and in the face of this blatant and unacceptable bias of the US administration to the Zionist entity, its occupying agendas, and its disregard for our national right of liberation and self-determination. this stand makes America a partner in its aggression and terrorism against our land, our people and our holy sites and with that, we affirm the following:

First: The document of the so-called “Jerusalem Declaration” is nothing but a new chapter in the consolidation of the occupation and the strengthening of the common American-Zionist terrorism directed against our land, our people, and our holy sites.

like other invalid pacts and treaties that our people experienced throughout their history of struggle, and were able, thanks to their steadfastness and resistance, to thwart them. The declaration will not be any different.

Second: We warn of the danger of what is stated in this document, on the present, future, security and stability of our Arab and Islamic nation and its peoples

This declaration simply is an attempt to integrate this strange occupying entity (so-called Israel) into the Arab/Muslim nation’s body, and we call for the mobilization of all forces in the nation towards rejecting the so-called “Jerusalem Declaration” and not yielding to what it dictates. The United States Sponsors the interests of the Zionist enemy at the expense of the interests of the Arabs and Muslims in the region and the Palestine cause.

Third: We call on our people, factions, and national forces to declare their rejection of this document, and to move forward on the path of defiance with comprehensive resistance until the aspirations of our people for liberation and return are achieved.

Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas

Thursday 15 Dhu al-Hijjah 1443 AH

14 July 2022 AD