Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

The Israel Occupation Transfers Palestinian prisoner Ahmed Manasra to Solitary “Hashikma”


The Israeli occupation authorities decided on Saturday, August 13, 2022, to transfer the prisoner Ahmed Manasra from “Eshel” prison in Beersheba, to the solitary confinement section of “Hashikma” prison in Ashkelon.

Khaled Zabarka, Manasra’s legal counselor, said that a session will be held next Tuesday in the Beersheba District Court to consider the Israeli Prison Authority’s request to extend the solitary confinement ruling against the Palestinian prisoner Manasra.

Zabarka explained that their defense team submitted an appeal to the Beersheba District Court’s decision to classify Manasra’s file as a “terrorism” file, and the decision of the third committee’s refusal to release Manasra, adding, “We are waiting to set a date to consider the appeal.”

It’s worth mentioning that last month the UN experts in geniva prompted Manasra’s release as it urged ‘Israel’ to immediately release Ahmad Manasra, a 20-year-old Palestinian detained in Israeli prisons since he was 14 years old, while suffering serious mental health conditions.

“Ahmad’s imprisonment for almost six years has deprived him of childhood, family environment, protection, and all the rights he should have been guaranteed as a child,” the experts said.

“This case is haunting in many respects and his continuous detention, despite his deteriorating mental conditions, is a stain on all of us as part of the international human rights community”.

The now 20 years old boy had been arrested In 2015. When he was only 13-year-old after he and his 15-year-old cousin were accused of stabbing two Israelis in the Pisgat Ze’ev settlement in the occupied West Bank. Right in front of his eyes, Manasra saw his cousin get shot to death.

Ahmad Manara was hit by a car and sustained serious head injuries while an Israeli crowd jeered at him. Following his arrest, video footage, widely circulated on media, showed young, distressed Ahmad being harshly treated and severely interrogated without the presence of his parents or legal representative.

Manasra was sentenced to ,,, years under ruthless conditions and repeated solitary confinement for months on end. Manasra was diagnosed with a serious mental health condition of scetsorphrenia. He disclosed to his lawyer that he has been pondering suicide.

The world watched Manasra’s tragedies in video footage that showed him being verbally and physically assaulted. He was denied from seeing his family for long periods of time. Since then many social media-led campaigns have been demanding his release for his arrest was considered unlawful as a kid of under 14 years old wasn’t then old enough to be confined to jail time; a law that was later altered for the Israeli occupation government to be able to put as many minors as it can with as little repercussions as possible (now reaching 175 child prisoner among which a young girl, according to Addameer) in it penitentiary as they could.