Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Tensions to Stay Unless Israel Stops its Violations of International Law, Says Emir of Qatar

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Days of Palestine – Jeddah

The Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani stressed Saturday the need to find a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

Bin Hamad Al Thani said was a central cause for the Arab and Muslim peoples, adding that Israeli occupation has to stop its illegal practices and violations of international law.

Speaking to the US-Arab summit in the Saudi city of Jeddah on Saturday, Sheikh Tamim said the major sources of tension and instability in the region are here to stay unless Israel stops its practices and violations of international law, including building colonial settlements, changing the character of Jerusalem and the continued blockade of Gaza.

He stressed that the Arab countries have unanimously agreed on an Arab peace initiative, expressing their willingness to normalize relations with Israel if they agree to a peace settlement, based on the international legitimacy resolutions that require an Israeli withdrawal from all the lands it has occupied since 1967.

The Emir of Qatar added, “We look forward to an active U.S. role by calling for serious negotiations to settle the Palestinian issue.”

The Jeddah summit discusses regional and international developments and aspects of expanding cooperation between the participating countries in the fields of economy, food security, energy, and water.

The summit is attended by US President Joe Biden and the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan.